Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Although they probably spent most of the year with their heads buried in books, tinkering with electronic gadgets in their secret labs, or watching far-out sci-fi films such as Star Wars, geeks still deserve Christmas gifts. Here are some brilliant gift ideas for your geeky friends and loved ones.

  • Funky USB flash drives. Geeks on the go rely on this tiny apparatus to transfer important files. Spice up their lives by giving them USB drives with funky designs. USB Cell Batteries, which, of course, look like batteries are a nice idea, and they’re nice on the pocket, too, costing only £12.95. The Lego brick memory stick is cool too, especially the fact that you can connect it to your mobile phone. Want a classier gift for your geek? The Mimobot USB flash drives features one that looks like a Darth Vader action figure, and will surely make your geek smile.
  • T-shirts. Help your geek make a fashion statement this Christmas season by giving him shirts with designs he’ll love. The Wi-Fi detecting shirt with a Wi-Fi design (of course!) may not look that interesting, but wait till your geek enters a Wi-Fi zone and the Wi-Fi bars will glow as they pick up the signal. These bars change too, as the signal strength fluctuates. Your geek won’t need to open his laptop or fiddle with the PDA to check the Wi-Fi signals; he just needs to check out his chest! Just remind him to turn on the tiny battery pack hidden in the shirt’s hem so it can start scanning for signals!
  • If your geek’s more of a music person than a cyber guy, give him the T-equaliser shirt. Just like the Wi-Fi detecting tee, the T-equaliser shirt features a gleaming LED on its equaliser bars design, allowing it to react to the music it “hears.” Your geek’s sure to catch attention in the bars with this unique shirt. Remember, the darker the venue and the louder the music, the better!

  • World’s largest crossword. Challenge your geek’s word prowess with the world’s largest crossword. Measuring four square metres, this gigantic puzzle tests the wordsmith of all wordsmiths with its 91,000 squares and 28,000 clues. Whether it’s sprawled on the floor, pasted on the wall, or folded on the table, this puzzle will leave your geek addicted! And since the puzzle’s so big, friends can join in the word adventure too. This enormous crossword puzzle comes with a 104-page book of clues.
  • Items with Periodic Table designs. Soak up some knowledge with the Periodic Table shower curtain! Displaying the elements and their corresponding atomic numbers in absolute periodic glory, this shower curtain is the perfect gift for students who love to cram (read: studying while showering!).

    If you’re not too fond of the “soaking up knowledge” bit, then why not let your geek imbibe knowledge using a Periodic Table mug? Coffee breaks will surely be enlightening with this £9.95 mug.

  • Bendi light-up keyboard. Brighten up your geek’s cyber life with this sleek light-up keyboard! This keyboard has all the features your geek needs: it’s flexible, washable, portable, and “splashable” (you can spill hot liquids on it and it will stay unharmed). And as if those are not enough, it also lights up with a charming blue glow. Made of silicone, Bendi light-up keyboard can be folded and kept inside the bags, and can be instantly cleaned with just one wipe. It’s compatible with both PC and Mac and costs £29.95.

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