Christmas Gifts for Dad

Your old man doesn’t need the stress that comes with the mad hunt for the car keys that each morning brings. Get him the Brookstone Wireless Key Finder, a system which includes a two-button “pager” and two key chains. Just clip the fob on the key, and when you press its connecting pager button, it’ll emit an alarm loud enough to be located anywhere in the house.

Now you know that thing that goes bump in the night is your dad scrounging about for some leftover dessert. Give him something to aid his midnight activities: BrightFeet Lighted Slippers. No more stubbed toes or tumbles down the stairs! Now if they could just make them in the bunny variety…

Since you and your siblings have been causing his blood pressure to spike for years, it’s only fair that you get him EmWave, a stress-reducing gadget which can “re-balance” everything from his cardiovascular system to his nervous system. This gizmo fits into the palm of the hand, and does its job by pressing the thumb on a sensor or clipping on the ear sensor.

Who says you can’t lug around a TV, speakers, and a DVD player? Vuzix iWear AV310 Widescreen Video Glasses is an entertainment system in a 52-inch package, providing an IMAX experience outside the theatre. Dear old dad just has to connect his iPod to this baby, put on the earphones, and the glasses on for hours of viewing pleasure. Or you could just get it if he’s always wanted to look like Cyclops of the X-men.

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