Christmas Gifts for Cooks and Chefs

Now that Christmas is here, let’s give something back to the persons that filled our grumbling stomachs with mouth-watering dishes throughout the year. Here are some gift ideas for the cooks and chefs in your life.

  • Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit. Does your chef like it hot? Challenge his or her flair in preparing the hottest hot sauce with this kit. Featuring allspice, black cumin, curry powder, achiote, Jamaican jerk, and ginger, this hot sauce kit allows your chef to mix and match for the best hot sauce. Three bottles, recipes, instructions with pepper glossary, and handling and safety tips are included.
  • Super Voice Recognition Shopper. No need to grab a pen and paper for chef’s grocery list! With this voice-activated grocery list maker, he can just say the items he needs, and out comes the printed shopping list! He can even organise items into categories. This handy gadget comes with a paper roll, ink-free thermal printer, fridge magnet, and wall-mounting hardware.
  • Portable Ice Maker. Chef will never run out of ice again during parties with this portable ice maker. Whenever and wherever he is, he can “make” ice just by plugging this in and filling it up with some water.
  • Chef’s Knife Cufflinks. Chef won’t only be making an impression with his hearty meals but with this fashion accessory, too. Handmade by Debbie Howe in New York, these chic cufflinks are the perfect fashion accessory for the kitchen star.
  • Reef Fanning Sandals with Integrated Bottle Opener (For Men). Ergonomic, comfortable, and stylish, this is a chef-slash-beach bum must-have. Your chef can wear these while relaxing on the beach. And if he ever feels the need to open a bottle of beer, he won’t need to scamper for an opener; he just needs to reach out for his sandals!

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