Christmas Feasts from Around the World

Here’s a tasty teaser before the big Christmas feast. Behold a list of Christmas dishes all over the world. Be careful not to salivate all over the keyboard!

Canada – duck, rice pudding with almonds.

France – during le rveillon, everything from goose (in Alsace), turkey with chestnuts (in Burgundy), and oysters (Paris) gets served on the table.

Georgiagozinaki, candied walnuts in honey, is served only during Christmas and New Year.

Ghanafufu or rice and yam paste, and meat, stew, and porridge.

Goabebinca, a cake with 16 layers. It is made of ghee (clarified butter) and coconut milk.

Greecechristopsomo or Christ’s bread, sweetbread with walnuts, is a staple, as well as kourabiethes, sugar cookies with almonds.

Japan – pizza is popular during Christmas, as well as roast teriyaki chicken and cake, which is topped by whipped cream and fruit.

Philippines – during Noche Buena, Spanish-influenced fare such as queso de bola (aged Edam cheese), hamon (sugary ham), and tsokolate-eh (thick hot chocolate) are served.

Poland – after fasting for 24 hours, a 12-course meal (one for each of Christ’s apostles) commences as soon as the first night star twinkles. Before the banquet, oplatek, a wafer blessed by the priest, is eaten. Uszka, “little ears” in Polish, is also a staple. These are dumplings stuffed with mushrooms or meat.

Spain – sweets are a must, such as yema (marzipan made from egg), alicante (tough nougat), and rosquillos de vino (wine and anise-doused cookies).

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