Christmas Confections

Still reeling from that sugar rush from Halloween? No need to wait ‘til next year for your next legal high… You’ll get your fair share of sweets this Christmas!

House of Dorchester, known for its hand-finished chocolates, has come up with a selection of berries and baubles, Father Christmases, and giant trees all made of the gooey stuff. There are themes like “Twelve Days of Christmas” and “Seven Deadly Sins,” while the Advent Calendar, wrapped in green and red scenes of tots, Santas, and wreaths is a bestseller. All-natural sweets come in colourful snowmen, steam train, and gingerbread house canisters.

Lindt is another confectioner who knows how to make it a merry Christmas. Among its products are chocolates shaped like Santa’s sleigh, polar bears, and angels. Icicles, bells, and snowballs are its other Swiss delights.

Rudolph Whoopsies and Christmas Reindeer Poopers add a little nasty to the nice. No, they aren’t actual animal excrement. The former are actually chocolate-covered raisins, while the latter is a reindeer toy you fill with jellybeans. Press it and pop! Out go the sweets from the other end.

Starbucks gives us a taste of holiday cheer which doesn’t come in a cup: Peppermint Mocha Truffles, Gingerbread Latte Truffles, and Eggnog Latte Flavored Truffles. From the scent to the spices, it might just prove to be as addictive as coffee.

Dishing out “marzipan with love” is Niederegger, with assortments such as the Treasure Chest Holiday Box, Little Pouch Harem Confections, and Christmas Tin with Classics. A gift of “the best liquorice in the world,” Amarelli, isn’t bad either, encased in old-fashioned tin cans.

Marrons Glacés put a new spin to chestnuts roasting on an open fire. These are candied in sugar syrup. Also covered in a shiny finish are Cadbury’s white, green, and red Solid Milk Chocolates with a Crisp Sugar Shell. Another of its offerings this year are Christmas coins in silver and gold.

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