Christmas and Nativity Stories for Children

Every year, when Christmas sets in, Nativity stories are especially highlighted in Christian homes around the world. A significant factor of traditional Christian mythology, the Nativity story has become part of Christian children’s lives throughout the years, and different versions of it have circled the globe, delighting kids from virtually all walks of life.

The original Nativity story is an account from the Christian Gospels, commemorated (and in some cases, acted out) every year in Christmas Eve or Christmas day masses. Different Gospels have different versions of the story, but the tale remains basically the same. An angel appears before Mary, telling her that she’s about to give birth to Jesus. Some time before Mary delivers, she and her husband Joseph look for a place to stay, but no one takes them in. They settle in a manger, and Jesus is born. The three kings discover about Jesus’ birth, and visit the holy child all the way to Bethlehem through a star’s guidance.

Here are other versions of the Nativity of Jesus that kids are sure to enjoy:

  • On This Special Night. On one special night, Little Kitten and his mother witness a shining, bright star, followed by a slew of animals and three men on camels. Feeling a certain magic in the air, Little Kitten and his mom trail behind the group of animals, and discover the sleeping Jesus in a stable.

    This book by Claire Freeman and Simon Mendez tells the story of Jesus’ birth in a poetic tone, matched with “soft, gentle illustrations and touched with a glow of special starlight.”

    • Babushka. A delightful and slightly humorous Nativity story, this book by Sandra Ann Horn revolves around the life of Babushka and her incessant obsession about her housework. She dismisses Christmas as merely an opportunity for people to make a mess. But when she hears about an innocent baby in a grubby stable, she changes her mind and rushes to Jesus with gifts. She showers presents to people along the way, and discovers that the true meaning of Christmas is all about loving and giving.
      • Ituku’s Christmas Journey. Visions of snow and ice dominate this children’s version of the Nativity as a small Inuit boy and his dog Jaq receive news from a polar bear that a wonderful surprise awaits them in a sun-drenched place. Full of hope, the two set off to the mysterious destination, embrace the warmth of their newfound place, and discover the baby Jesus in a manger.
        • Jesus’ Christmas Party. Based on the book by Nicholas Allan, Roger Parsely shares the story of Jesus’ birth from the innkeeper's point of view. Endless, sleepless nights due to various interruptions add a humorous twist to the story.

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