Celebrity Christmas: What the Celebrities will be up to this Christmas Season

The Christmas buzz has officially caught up with the celebrities. Here’s how celebrities plan to spend the holidays.

Cameron Diaz plans to take off to the UK on Christmas day to meet her British model boyfriend Paul Sculfor’s mother for the first time. A friend of Paul’s reportedly told Daily Express that the model is looking forward to Cameron spending the holidays with his entire family.

Cameron and Paul have been together since June, their hooking up the subject then of entertainment gossip as Cameron supposedly swapped partners with Jennifer Aniston. (Jennifer was formerly dating Paul, who’s now together with John Mayer, Cameron’s ex).

Meanwhile, bells will surely be jingling for Britney Spears this Christmas as she was recently granted custody of their kids—Sean Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 14 months—for Christmas. The 24-year-old singer was reportedly given the kids’ custody since her ex-husband Kevin Federline had the boys last Thanksgiving.

Another celebrity mom, Jade Goody, former housemate in Celebrity Big Brother UK, plans to spend Christmas with her sons. The cancer-stricken British celebrity is said to be defying her doctors’ orders by going on a Christmas holiday with her sons Bobby, 5, and Freddie, 4, to temporarily escape the tortures of her illness and chemotherapy. The Living TV documentary is set to follow her in the lead-up to the trip.

The Jonas Brothers, self-confessed “huuuuge Christmas fans,” will be singing a happy note this Christmas, as they spend the holidays with their family in their new Texas home. People.com got the boys talking about Christmas, where Joe divulged a Jonas Christmas tradition: wearing pyjamas inside out on Christmas morning, in the belief that such practice will bring snow.

It looks like there won’t be happy notes or Christmas carols during the holidays for Madonna and Guy Ritchie as they plan to finalise their divorce before Christmas. Recent reports say that now that the two are separated, Guy Ritchie is looking forward to spending a traditional Christmas with the kids. However, Madge is using all her powers to stop him for two reasons: 1) Madonna’s Kabbalah religion forbids Christmas celebrations; 2) Madge wants the kids with her on Christmas day.

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