Card Humbug

Call it a lovely yuletide gesture or the epitome of commercialism, but either way it looks like the the traditional Christmas card is on its way out. A new survey has revealed that more people will be sending text messages instead this year.

Website rightmobilephone.co.uk asked over a thousand Christmas shoppers (hang on, it’s only bleeding November) if they’ll be popping a card in the post and 58% of them said 'no', claiming they'll be opting for a simple text instead. This, says the survey, suggests people are warming to the idea of technology, and are not just cheap / lazy / forgetful [delete where applicable].

The survey also showed that 9% of Facebook users won’t even send a card and will instead send family and friends a message via the social networking site. Jeez, merry bleeding Christmas. However over 66% of people did say they would personally hand deliver Christmas cards to each member of their immediate family.

Well, thank God there's a postal strike on.

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