Captivating Christmas Displays

Move over, Vegas. Come Christmastime the streets and storefront windows in some places will outshine even the undisputed Entertainment Capital of the World.

The usually busy streets of London and New York transform into wonderlands filled with bright lights, grand Christmas scenes, and famous movies dazzled with Christmas symbols. Oxford Street in London, Europe’s most prominent high street with 300 shops, shines brightly during the holidays with its world-famous Christmas lights display.

Every year in November, shoppers and sightseers flock to the street to witness the lights switch-on ceremony. Oxford’s Christmas displays spice up the holidays with different themes every year. Last year, the entire street was enveloped in an extraordinary enchantment with mile-long, overhead festive lights depicting the Disney movie Enchanted. This exciting event in the UK Christmas calendar sparkles even more with appearances of big stars such as Leona Lewis, Enrique Iglesias, and Emma Watson.

Another scene-stealer is Macy’s department stores in New York. More than just a shopping destination, Macy’s is famous for its two sets of Christmas windows displays: classic Christmas scenes from the film Miracle on 34th Street, and another exhibit that varies every year. In 2006, it showcased a tree-themed window displays; Tree of Harmony, Tree of Joy, Tree of Love, and Tree of Friendship were adorned with fascinating animated characters and music. This year, the windows cheer up the holidays with a mostly-white display punctuated with an animated roller coaster and swirling flowers.

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