Buy your man the right present this Christmas

Buying a Christmas present for the man in your life can be tough work! Whether he's a tech-head, or into the great outdoors, there's an unlimited world of choice out there! Let us help you out with our Christmas present guide for men.

  • Laptop - A laptop is always a great gift for just about any guy. There's not a man alive who won't find some use for a laptop, whether it's work or pleasure. With prices coming down all the time, there's never been a better time to pick up a laptop! Models with decent features start at around £350-400.
  • Games Console - A shiny new PlayStation 3 or XBOX360 under the tree will bring out the inner child in any man! Everybody has caught the video game bug at this stage, so it's sure to be a winning gift. Even if he doesn't like it initially, addiction will soon take over!
  • iPhone - An iPhone is also a fantastic gift for just about anyone. Apple's flagship product does it all and is an essential bit of kit to any technophile. With GPS, games, internet, video and music all on the one device there is no way that he won't absolutely love this gift.
  • CX Swiss Military watch - Yes this present is exactly as ludicrous as it sounds. Just about every guy in the world likes crazy gadgets and the second you say the name 'CX Swiss Military Watch' you will have well and truly sold the gift to him. Its the kind of thing he'll be proudly showing off to his mates over Boxing Day pints.
  • Beer Making Kit - This is just about one of the coolest items you can get as a present. It allows you to make your own brew and customise how it's made so it is truly one of a kind. Within a few weeks you can be drinking your own beer!

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