Best Christmas Films of All Time

Christmas means fun, and for us, fun includes an all-day movie-fest in front of the boob tube, watching Christmas classics with popcorn on hand. So if you’re looking for some precious, alone time with the TV, check out this list of the best Christmas filmsever.

  • Home Alone. Who can forget the cute, blonde kid who was left home alone on Christmas? With pure wit and rascality (which came in handy), Kevin McAllister single-handedly outsmarted the two bandits who were trying to rob his house, enabling him to learn about the importance of family. A comedy with a heart-warming twist, this movie catapulted Macaulay Culkin to stardom and was the third highest-grossing movie of all time. Three more films followed, with the last two movies, Home Alone 3 and 4, featuring other stars.
  • Nightmare before Christmas. Holiday season in 1993 was a different kind of Christmas as cinemas were filled with ghoulish, stick-like figures. Co-written and produced by Tim Burton, Nightmare before Christmas is a visual feast that combines a little bit of adventure, comedy, and romance with the spirits of Halloween and Christmas—an extraordinary alternative to the usual Christmas films.
  • The Grinch. A bitter, green, cat-like figure plans to steal Christmas after suffering from enough humiliations in his life. But there’s one thing he couldn’t steal: the Christmas spirit. This film based on the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas! is a delightful tale with lessons about love and forgiveness. Top-billed by Jim Carrey, The Grinch was the #1 film in the US for four weeks. It earned $260 million at the US box office. Other actors who played as The Grinch in various movies and productions includes Boris Karloff (1966), Hans Conried (1977), Bob Holt (1982), Walter Matthau (1992), and Patrick Page (2006-2007).

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