Adopt a Koala This Christmas

Looking for a different kind of gift this Christmas? The Koala Hospital at New South Wales, Australia offers just that through their Adopt a Koala programme.

Injured animals, especially when they’re cute and cuddly koalas, strike a sympathetic chord in people. The Koala Hospital takes care of these unfortunate animals, from their rescue all the way to their release. Many are victims of motor accidents and dog attacks. Volunteers collect eucalyptus leaves for food, dispense medicine, clean wounds, monitor improvements, and provide huge doses of TLC (that’s Tender Loving Care, in case you don’t know).

Among those up for adoption is Lindfield Holden, a male adult, rescued twice from being run over by cars. Bonny Fire survived the bushfire at Bonny Hills in 2001, and now has a joey, Bonny Blaze, emerging out of her pouch in 2008. Not as lucky with its mother, Bundaleer C.E. was rescued in 2002 after apparently being abandoned as a baby. Other adoptable koalas are Cathie Giddy, hurt after being assaulted by birds; baby William Krystal, who simply walked to her rescuer to be cuddled; and Tuffy Tuffin, who found himself locked in a tool shed.

By adopting a koala, you’ll receive a Certificate of Adoption with your name, the koala’s name and picture, and the date of adoption. The herbivore’s life-story is included in the package, as well as an “I Have Adopted A Wild Koala” sticker and a booklet about the marsupials.

Although you won’t get to take the furry bundles home, you would have helped raise money for intensive care units, treatment procedures, and recovery areas, among other things.

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